Guantanamo Justice Campaign (GJC), formerly the Save Shaker Aamer Campaign (SSAC), continues its campaign, to help bring about the closure of Guantanamo prison, for the truth to be told and for justice for all Guantanamo prisoners.

GJC believes Guantanamo should be closed but not simply relocated where prisoners would remain in indefinite detention. Those prisoners cleared for release should be released without delay, and the remaining prisoners should have full access to justice. Helping to bring justice to the Guantanamo prisoners is at the heart of the campaigns work. We also believe that Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Government should demand that US President Joe Biden close Guantanamo.

Guantanamo prison, set up outside of international law by the United States in 2001, has become notorious for its use of abuse, brutality, and torture. Prisoners have been denied their human rights in violation of the Geneva Convention (articles 3,17 and 109). For years, the US has flouted the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (specifically articles 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10).

Prisoners in Guantanamo have experienced years of cruel and inhumane treatment and nine prisoners have died. Of those prisoners who have been cleared for release without charge or trial a number still remain there. Guantanamo is a stain on the reputation of the US but it is still open. It has damaged the national security of the US and it is a symbol of injustice to the whole world.

The US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) report (2014), ‘Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency's Detention and Interrogation Program’, revealed the extensive and systematic use of torture in the US run prison. International organisations including the United Nations, have called for Guantanamo to close. President Obama failed to honour his repeated pledges to close Guantanamo.

We call on:

  • President Biden to swiftly close Guantanamo. He must act with determination to end the illegal treatment of the remaining prisoners. Guantanamo must not be relocated, and the inhumane practice of indefinite detention must end. Less than 50 prisoners remained at Guantanamo (April 2017), 39 men are currently (August 2021) held there, all have suffered great injustice.

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the UK Government to make urgent representations to President Trump to close Guantanamo and for him not to relocate it to a US mainland prison or anywhere else, where this unlawful travesty of justice will be hidden from view.

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the UK Government to establish an independent judge-led public Inquiry into all allegations that the UK security services were complicit in the abuse and torture of UK citizens and residents abroad. This inquiry to be empowered to investigate all involved. An investigation by the ISC will not be sufficient, will not reveal the truth, and will not satisfy deep public concerns. The shameful ordeal of those subjected to abduction, rendition, torture, abuse, and years of detention without trial, must never happen again. Justice requires transparency and accountability.

We stand against all forms of racism, and Islamophobia. We believe the existence of Guantanamo, US secret prisons, and US policy has served to inflame such poisonous, hateful and despicable views and activity.

We ask individuals and organisations to:

  • Write to US President Joe Biden. We must maximise the pressure on the US President, the US Administration and Congress to close Guantanamo.

  • Write to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to persuade him and the UK Government, to make public pronouncements spelling out the desire to see Guantanamo closed. They need to make direct approaches to President Biden and key US politicians to press for closure making the case forcefully, explaining how the prison affects much of the developed world. The existence of US torture prisons brings shame on many countries of the world and encourages other countries to disregard international law.

  • Write to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and insist he follow up on former Prime Minister Teresa May's original promise to establish a judge led inquiry into UK involvement in torture.

Guantanamo Justice Campaign (GJC) also requests its activists and supporters to continue to provide full support for London Guantanamo Campaign (LGC) actions and others campaigning to shut down Guantanamo.

We urge all who hold dear, human rights, justice, and peace to join with us and campaign on all the specific aims and demands mentioned above.

Offers of help? Contact Guantanamo Justice Campaign (GJC): or 07756493877